Woodland Hills

    Fairview provides a safe, supportive residence in Woodland Hills where people can recover from substance abuse and mental illness. Our sober living home is an excellent option if you are having trouble adjusting to your daily life at home, or you feel that your current home environment will not be supportive to your recovery.
    When you stay in our sober housing, you receive 24-hour monitoring from our support staff, transportation to and from your doctors’ appointments and 12-step meetings and access to our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment. If you feel that sober living in Woodland Hills can boost your recovery, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to explain more about our supportive community.

What it’s Like to Stay in Our Woodland Hills Sober Home

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, and it’s consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the city. There’s a good mix of restaurants, coffee shops and parks, giving the area an urban-suburban feel. Many of our residents value this as they can live in a safe, private environment without being far from city amenities.

Here is what you can expect when staying in our supportive living:

  • Beautifully landscaped exterior
  • Backyard retreat with built-in grill, swimming pool, and spa
  • Outdoor gazebo with firepit tables for evening socializing
  • Shared and private bedrooms
  • Open-concept layout with a large kitchen and family room
  • Large windows and recessed lighting

Is Sober Living in Woodland Hills Right for You?

No one recovers from addiction overnight. It’s a long process that involves making healthy choices every day. However, it can be difficult to make the right choices when you’re living in a toxic environment, lacking a strong support network or having trouble adjusting to your life outside of rehab. If your current environment is not helping your recovery, a sober living community may be right for you.

Below are some considerations to help you make sense of your recovery journey:

  • Home environment. What is your home setting like? Is it safe and free from drugs and alcohol, or are you exposed to these substances on a regular basis? It’s very difficult to stay sober when you are surrounded by temptation.
  • Support network. Do you have supportive friends and family you can count on? Or do they put you in harm’s way by continuing to use drugs and alcohol? Homes with physical violence or abuse are also a concern. Supportive living provides you with a strong peer network and professional staff.
  • Track record. If you’ve attempted recovery before, you know how difficult it is to transition to daily life. Supportive living can help you identify your relapse triggers and develop stronger coping skills. When you return home, you will be stronger this time around.
  • Distractions. Do you have distractions at home? Perhaps it’s a busy household, a toxic relationship or financial concerns. If you feel that you can’t focus all of your energy on your recovery, sober living in Woodland Hills can provide you with this.
    Supportive living is not something that everyone needs, but some people do. If you feel that your home life is not conducive to a healthy recovery, you can benefit from a sober living house. You’ll have everything you need to succeed right here, including 24-hour support staff, medication management, and life-building services. We want to see our clients succeed!

Why Choose Our Supportive Living in Woodland Hills

Fairview offers two supportive living houses – one in Agoura and one in Woodland Hills. Our Woodland Hills location is newer and offers shared and private rooms. It’s a short drive from downtown Los Angeles, and it provides gorgeous views of the Santa Monica Mountains. When you sit outdoors, you can enjoy green space, towering trees, and mountainous views. What a wonderful way to lift up your spirits and take pleasure in your new, sober life!

Here are a few benefits to choosing Fairview for your supportive living needs:

  • Learn responsibility. You don’t just live in our Woodland Hills home – you learn how to adjust to everyday life. You’ll have several responsibilities, such as attending your meetings, making your bed and cooking meals.
  • Be accountable. As part of our treatment services, we give random drug tests to residents. This teaches you to make responsible decisions. You’ll also practice building a healthy, balanced schedule that includes your 12-step meetings and doctors’ appointments.
  • Receive 24-hour support. Do you feel you do best in a structured, monitored environment? Fairview provides 24-hour support and medication management. You are never alone.
  • Spend time with friends. Build a strong support network right here at Fairview. You’ll be with others who are facing similar struggles, helping you to build trust and empathy.
  • Recreational activities. Staying busy is important in recovery, as boredom can lead to relapse. We offer many ways to keep busy, such as with our gorgeous outdoor spa, full-size kitchens, and recreational activities.
  • Pet friendly. We are pleased to say that our sober living home is pet friendly. We know how important pets can be, so contact us today to discuss bringing your pet along with you.

Contact Fairview for Our Woodland Hills Location

    If you or a loved one requires sober living in Woodland Hills, contact Fairview today. We have several bedrooms available, with shared and private options. And, if you need additional referrals for medical doctors, counselors, financial experts or other continuing care professionals, we’ll be happy to help. We are invested in our clients and want to provide them with as many tools and resources as possible to help them succeed.